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To generate a report that meets your specific criteria, make one or more selections below.

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More Information about the Fund Filter

The Fund Filter allows you to generate a Fund Report that is tailored to your specific requirements. You can make selections using one or more of the following criteria. When you have made all of your selections, click Go.

Fund company: To limit your report to one mutual fund company's funds, select the company name from the pull-down list.

Performance: For funds that meet a minimum return in a specific time frame, select a time frame and enter a return rate.

Globefund 5-Star Ratings: The Globefund 5-Star Ratings provide a simple rating for most mutual funds in Canada. Funds are ranked from one to five stars, with the top ranked funds getting five stars and the lowest ranked funds getting one star.Click here for more information.

Load type: For funds that levy a charge at the time a fund is purchased, select 'front end' load. For funds that levy this fee later, select 'back-end' load. For funds that do not levy this type of fee, select 'No load.' Select 'Optional' for funds for which the load is optional or 'Both' for funds that charge front and back end loads.

RRSP eligible: Select 'Yes' for funds that are eligible for inclusion in an RRSP or 'No' for funds that are not eligible to be included in an RRSP.

Total Assets: Use the pull-down lists to find all funds with total net assets above, below or equal to the selected value.

Minimum Investment: Use the pull-down lists to find all funds with a minimum initial investment above, below or equal to the selected value.

Asset class: If you are only interested in one asset class, select that class from the pull-down list. This allows you to compare funds that have the same characteristics (e.g., money market funds, Canadian equity funds).

Report type: Select the report to be shown.

Management Expense Ratio (MER): Select a value from the pull-down list to find all funds with an MER less than or equal to that value.

Currency: Select a value from the pull-down list to find all funds denominated in Canadian and U.S. dollars, or in one of those currencies.

Fund Type: To limit your report to open-ended, pooled or segregated funds, select that category from the pull-down list.

Include Index Funds: Use this option to limit your report to index funds or non-index funds.

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