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Fund Report - 5-Star Ratings
For Barometer Capital Management Inc.
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As of December 31, 2017
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Fund name

5-Star Rating

Rating 3 Months Ago

3 Month Return %

Over/under Group Avg
3 Mo Rtrn %

Rating 1 Year Ago

1 Yr Return %

Over/under Group Avg
1 Yr Rtrn %

Barometer Tactical Income Pool Cl A 8.61 5.84 12.81 7.21 Chart   Price History        
Barometer Tactical Balanced Pl Cl A 4.95 2.50 8.04 1.99 Chart   Price History        
Barometer Long Short Pool Class A 13.40 10.44 14.97 8.10 Chart   Price History        
Barometer Global Macro Pool Class A 10.87 7.91 14.27 7.41 Chart   Price History        
Barometer Equity Pool Class A 7.42 2.85 12.31 -1.51 Chart   Price History        
Barometer Dspd Leadership Bal Cl A 4.74 1.64 7.56 -0.11 Chart   Price History        
Barometer Discip Leadership Eqty A     6.87 2.30   10.68 -3.13 Chart   Price History        
Barometer D L T Inc Grwth A 7.79 4.68 9.81 2.13 Chart   Price History        
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