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Globefund 5-Star Ratings
Globe Investor is pleased to offer the Fund Star-Rating service, a simple rating for most mutual funds in Canada. Developed in conjunction with Algorithmics Inc, a fund's star rating will help you understand how well it has been doing relative to similar funds.

The ratings are available on your Fundlist by clicking on the yellow Short-term, Long-term or 5-Star Ratings tabs near the top of the table. You can also use our new Fund Lookup tool. Just use the options on the left to find the fund you're looking for and the star rating is shown beside each fund.

Funds are ranked from one to five stars, with the top-ranked funds getting five stars. While past performance does not guarantee future performance, our historical testing of this rating system has shown that, on average, top-rated funds have tended to outperform their peers over a six-month to two-year horizon. Read more about how the star-rating system works.

Our rating system provides a useful gauge of the funds we follow. However, we do not suggest that you use it as the single decision point for the suitability of a fund for your needs. Be sure to study all of the information you can gather on any fund before you invest.

You can use the Fund Filter to screen for funds based on their Star Rating, or use this handy listing of all funds that received the highest possible rating.

Globefund 5-Star Funds
as of February 22, 2017
Funds 1 to 50 from 1182 found

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Fund Name Globefund 5-Star Rating 1 Yr Return 2 Yr Return 3 Yr Return Asset Class Chart/Info
Acadian Core International Equity 5 stars 9.94 6.78 9.04 9.04 Chart    
Allegro Bal Gr Port Class SrTU 5 stars 10.27 5.43 7.29 7.29 Chart    
Allegro Bal Gr Port Class SrU 5 stars 10.32 5.46 7.31 7.31 Chart    
Allegro Moderate Aggressive Port-U 5 stars 10.35 5.45 8.22 8.22 Chart    
AlphaNorth Growth Fund Series F 5 stars 82.25 7.01 -13.16 -13.16 Chart    
AlphaNorth Resource Series A 5 stars 285.39 61.86 30.26 30.26 Chart    
AlphaNorth Resource Series B 5 stars 288.54 62.52 30.68 30.68 Chart    
AlphaNorth Resource Series F 5 stars 291.31 63.89 31.87 31.87 Chart    
Alto Aggressive Portfolio Series U 5 stars 14.32 6.65 10.31 10.31 Chart    
Alto Moderate Agg Canada Focus Pt-U 5 stars 12.17 4.99 7.13 7.13 Chart    
Alto Moderate Aggressive Port-U 5 stars 11.59 5.36 8.04 8.04 Chart    
Alto Monthly Inc Port TU 5 stars 7.01 3.19 4.43 4.43 Chart    
Alto Monthly Inc Port U 5 stars 7.02 3.19 4.41 4.41 Chart    
Assumption/Louisbg Cdn Small Cap-A 5 stars 45.31 13.37 6.43 6.43 Chart    
Assumption/Louisbg Cdn Small Cap-B 5 stars 44.34 12.59 5.70 5.70 Chart    
Assumption/Louisbg Cdn Small Cap-C 5 stars 44.62 12.83 5.93 5.93 Chart    
Assumption/Louisbourg Balanced-A 5 stars 12.98 2.96 4.23 4.23 Chart    
Assumption/Louisbourg Balanced-B 5 stars 11.41 1.52 2.77 2.77 Chart    
Assumption/Louisbourg Balanced-C 5 stars 11.63 1.74 2.99 2.99 Chart    
AstonHill CreditOpportunities Srs I 5 stars 17.67 8.92 16.72 16.72 Chart    
BMO Canadian Stock Selection - F 5 stars 21.96 7.82 10.90 10.90 Chart    
BMO Conservative ETF Portfolio - F 5 stars 6.86 3.15 6.73 6.73 Chart    
BMO Dow Jones Industrial Avg CA ETF 5 stars 22.27 9.17 9.97 9.97 Chart    
BMO EW US Banks Hgd CAD Index ETF 5 stars 50.16 18.95 11.83 11.83 Chart    
BMO Equal Weight REITs Index ETF 5 stars 17.94 1.97 6.52 6.52 Chart    
BMO Equal Weight US Banks Inx ETF 5 stars 39.68 20.58     Chart    
BMO Floating Rate High Yield ETF 5 stars 11.72 6.10     Chart    
BMO Growth ETF Portfolio - F 5 stars 11.07 4.61 8.55 8.55 Chart    
BMO Growth ETF Portfolio Class - F 5 stars 11.09 4.42 8.59 8.59 Chart    
BMO LifeStage Plus 2020 - A 5 stars 4.02 1.99 3.84 3.84 Chart    
BMO LifeStage Plus 2020 Fund - Adv 5 stars 3.81 1.91 3.80 3.80 Chart    
BMO LifeStage Plus 2026 - Adv 5 stars 9.05 3.66 7.56 7.56 Chart    
BMO Long Corporate Bond Index ETF 5 stars 6.82 0.22 5.73 5.73 Chart    
BMO MSCI EAFE Hedged to CAD Idx ETF 5 stars 11.78 4.06 7.19 7.19 Chart    
BMO MSCI Eur Hi Qlty Hdg C Inx ETF 5 stars 8.33 5.59     Chart    
BMO Monthly Dividend Fd Ltd. - Adv 5 stars 22.02 0.43 0.79 0.79 Chart    
BMO Monthly Dividend Fund Ltd. - F 5 stars 23.32 1.49 1.85 1.85 Chart    
BMO Mthly Dividend Fd Ltd -Classic 5 stars 22.84 1.10 1.47 1.47 Chart    
BMO NASDAQ 100 Hedged Index ETF 5 stars 20.02 11.56 14.03 14.03 Chart    
BMO S&P/TSX EW Gbl Base Metals ETF 5 stars 107.60 4.05 -3.60 -3.60 Chart    
BMO S&P/TSX Equal Weight Bk Idx ETF 5 stars 35.31 18.25 14.57 14.57 Chart    
BMO US Dividend ETF 5 stars 16.66 13.18 19.38 19.38 Chart    
BMO US Dividend ETF (USD) 5 stars 25.60 11.84 13.35 13.35 Chart    
BMO US Dividend Hedged To CAD ETF 5 stars 24.66 11.39 13.16 13.16 Chart    
BP S&P 500 VIX ST Fut Dly Invr ETF 5 stars 189.22 5.87 -1.43 -1.43 Chart    
BP S&P 500 VIX ST Fut2xDly Bull ETF 5 stars -97.32 -74.19 -50.85 -50.85 Chart    
BP S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futrs ETF 5 stars -79.40 17.44 0.05 0.05 Chart    
Barometer Dspd Leadership Bal Cl A 5 stars 11.50 4.34     Chart    
Barometer Tactical Balanced Pool 5 stars 12.35 6.17 9.71 9.71 Chart    
Batirente NA Small Cap Equity 5 stars 22.72 14.08 13.49 13.49 Chart    
Methodology provided by Algorithmics Inc.

How It Works

Funds are ranked against their peers based on IFSC fund category. You can read more about a fund category by using the Fund Lookup Tool. Choose a Fund Category on the left and a description of each category will be shown with your results.

Mutual funds and segregated funds, which offer a guaranteed rate of return at maturity, are rated independently. As well, funds that focus on a unique strategy that is not comparable to other funds in a category are not rated. The IFSC calls these the miscellaneous fund category.

Funds often offer different series, corporate classes and foreign-currency versions. All of these variations share the same rating as the core fund. To qualify for a rating the core fund must be at least two-years old and there must be at least six core funds in the fund category for any of the funds in that category to receive a rating.

Funds compete with each other in terms of the best score and hence the best rating. A fund's score is a combination of return and regret and is determined as follows.

On a monthly basis, for each fund, we compute month-by-month returns and subtract from these the return of the 90-day Government of Canada Treasury bill to get what is known as the risk-free return for each month. If this result is positive for any one month, it contributes to the fund's return. If it is negative, it contributes to the fund's regret.

We then use an averaging method across each of these returns and regrets, with increasing weight on the most recent data, to derive a final measure for return and regret for each fund. The final score for a fund is then computed as the return score minus an adjusted regret score, where the adjustment factor for the regret component is unique for each fund category.

Using the final scores for each of the core funds in an asset class, we rank them and then allocate a star rating for each. The top 10 per cent of funds receive a five-star rating, the next 22.5 per cent a four-star rating, the middle 35 per cent a three-star rating, the next 22.5 per cent a two-star rating and the bottom 10 percent of funds a one-star rating.

The Fund Star-Rating service uses many of the elements of the Mark-to-Future methodology pioneered by Algorithmics Inc. They were founded in 1989 in response to the complex issues surrounding financial risk management for the enterprise. Today, as the leading provider with the largest and most experienced team in the industry, Algorithmics continues to focus its efforts on creating and implementing enterprise risk management software that meets the evolving needs of its customers. Continuing its tradition of leading the way in risk measurement and management tools and processes, Algorithmics recently introduced Mark-To-Future, an open and comprehensive framework for measuring risk and reward. Headquartered in Toronto, with 14 offices around the world, Algorithmics serves more than 90 global financial institutions with 140 installations worldwide.

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