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Ranga Chand's Getting Started with Mutual Funds

Copyright © 1998 by Ranga Chand
Published in 1998 by Stoddart Publishing Co. Limited
ISBN 0-7737-59808
129 pages
List price: $12.95


What are mutual funds? Why are they so popular? How do you invest in them? Are there any hidden risks? Hidden costs? Are some funds better than others?

Ranga Chand, a leading independent economist and author of the national bestseller Ranga Chand's World of Mutual Funds, answers these and many other questions in this essential investment guide. Using straightforward, no-nonsense language, he explains about the different types of funds, how to read a prospectus, how to set your financial objectives, and what the common mistakes are and how to avoid them.

Let Ranga Chand's Getting Started with Mutual Funds show you how to stay on top!

Ranga Chand is one of Canada's leading economists specializing in mutual funds. He has worked as senior economist with both the investment firm Burns Fry and Canada's Department of Finance. Now an independent consultant, he regularly gives presentations and seminars on investing in the global economy and mutual funds. Sylvia D. Carmichael is a researcher and writer who has worked with the International Monetary Fund, the British Embassy in Washington, D.C., and Loto Canada in Ottawa.

Ranga Chand's Getting Started with Mutual Funds is available across Canada at major book retailers. For bulk purchase of this book, contact the Special Sales Department of Stoddart Publishing at 416-445-3333.