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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of mutual funds can I track on Can I track stocks?

The Globefund Web site provides data on thousands of mutual funds available for sale in Canada. This includes virtually all open-end mutual funds, index funds, segregated funds and Canadian mutual funds valued in U.S. dollars. Closed-end funds are displayed on the Closed-End Fund Report. The Noteworthy section of the site lists new funds as they are added.

For stock or income trust quotes, visit our sister site, does not track GICs (Guaranteed Investment Certificates) or bonds. In general, we do not cover pension funds, as they can only be purchased through a particular employer.

A 'rule of thumb': If a mutual fund is listed in The Globe and Mail, it should be listed on as well. If you are unable to find a mutual fund, even after conducting a search using Fund Selector, please contact us.

Our free on-line portfolio tracker, Globe Portfolio, can track all your mutual funds, stocks and other investments.