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Make Us Your Home Page

Making your home page is an easy way to get quotes for over 20,000 stocks on the major North American exchanges. Along with business news from The Globe and Mail starting at 6 a.m. ET and breaking news from Reuters and the news wires, you will be just a click away from our other sites:

To see immediately when you sign on to the Internet, click the Web browser you are using and follow our simple instructions:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. On Internet Explorer's menu bar, click Tools (View in Internet Explorer 4.0).
  2. Click Internet Options. The General tab appears.
  3. Under the Home Page heading, type in the Address box.
  4. Click OK.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. On Mozilla Firefox's menu bar, click Tools.
  2. Click Options...
  3. Click General in the left-side column.
  4. Under the Home Page heading, in the box labelled Location, type
  5. Click OK.


  1. In Safari, click the Safari menu.
  2. Select Preferences...
  3. In the General preference pane, find the Home Page in the left-side column.
  4. In the text field, type
  5. Close the Preferences window.


  1. On Opera's menu bar, click File.
  2. Click Preferences...
  3. Click Start and exit in the left-side column.
  4. Under the “Start with home page” heading, in the box, type
  5. Click OK.